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    Today the World is entering a new Era - Era of globalization and international integration, in which the science - technology revolution, knowledge-based economy is becoming a key resource to promote the human  development in general and development of each country in particular. In this context, the Party and State have deep concerned and made policy decisions, specific direction for the development of science - technology of our Country with the strategic Goal is by the year 2020 Vietnam will reach high rangked development level in ASEAN and by the year 2030, some areas of technology will reach advanced World level.

Dr. Nguyen Van Thao - Director General
    To achieve aforementioned strategic Goal, application of results of science and technology activities needs to be done rigorously, as stated in the Political Report: “Development, application of science - technology should be prioritized for investment one step ahead”, so that the results of applied researches, especially high technologies, should to be introduced in practice, to serve for social - economic development and positive contribution to the State’s GDP Growth. To do this, the investment for development of science and technology researching institutions is necessary but not sufficient, so that in parallel with this work it’s needed to establish high technology incubators, technology development institutions with the mission to be a bridge between scientists and the community, that are the “incubators” for high technologies, where the technologies created by scientists could have the land for development, the conditions for testing, confirming they availability and technical - economic efficiency and, to the end, could be transferred to various localities, enterprises to put into use. The establishment of the Centre for High Technology Development (HTD) at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology is to fulfill this mission.
   Centre for High Technology Development is the public non-business institution established by the Government under Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology with official mandate is: Management of technology testing areas, technology research and deployment areas of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) and organize support activities, incubation, research and technology deployment.
   Being invested by the Government for development, and worked under the the close leadership of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology since the date of establishment, Center for High Technology Development has assembled a strength scientific cadres in various fields, managed a relatively complete and modern system of infrastructure and technical facilities, including Research and Technology testing Zones, Laboratories, the Centers for research and technology development, Mechanical - Electronic workshop, Technology Incubation Zone, equiped with technical facilities and full material conditions to serve for the research, incubation and high technology development. Our throughout Goal is to incubate, develop high technologies and bring high-tech products into the life, to serve for economic development, social security and national defense. With that goal and mission, we do hope that the HTD will become familiar address, the destination for the scientists not only from VAST, but olso from every regions of Vietnam and over the World, who are owners of the high-tech seeds, so that the seeds could be planted, incubated, developed in “Technology Incubator” of HTD and then be brought to the life, contributing to the country’s GDP Growth and successfully implementing the the Strategic Goal on science, technology development and knowledge-based economy of Vietnam in the Era of Industry 4.0.
Come to HTD and we together make this Goal a reality!
Hanoi, 12/2018